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Crystal Geodes with Special Addition Eco Acrylic Atlas Mountain Stand



YELLOW/BLUE (Yellow/Blue only available in size 3 currently)

Crystal / Geode - Choose from drop boxes colour, amount and size of Geode/Geodes required.

These would make an excellent, unusual and unique present for someone.

They are all one off originals

These Geodes have been collected by a local Moroccan man named Mohammed

He collects them from the Sahara desert and the Atlas mountains.

They have been artistically enhanced by Mohammed adding colour to them.

The crystals within are quartz crystals which have developed within the Geode over millions of years.

Quartz crystals have six sides and can vary in colour depending upon the purity of the minerals.

This is a complete unit, as seen - 2 x 1/2 that join as one piece. It has one single split - 2 parts only that join up as a lava rock

They are all natural products so size and colour may vary from the pictures displayed.

Size 1 - These Geodes measure approximately 5cm in diameter.

Size 2 - These Geodes measure approximately 5 - 7cm in diameter.

Sizes 1 & 2 include an Engraved Atlas Mountain Oval Acrylic Stand

Size 3 - These Geodes measure approximately 7 - 10cm in diameter

Size 3 - includes an Engraved Atlas Mountain Rectangular Acrylic Stand

These stands are Engraved and are Special Edition with a very Unique Design

These stands have been specially designed to enhance your Atlas Mountain Geode.

The engravings show the Atlas Mountains, plus Moroccan Geode written in English as well as in Berber (the language spoken by the local people.

They are made from transparent acrylic and are very unique.

These stands are UK designed and manufactured.

1 x stand will accompany every Geode sold according to size.

The stand consist of either 1 x oval base + 4 legs or 1 x rectangular base + 4 x legs (depending which size Geode you choose)

The 4 legs will require spot gluing to the rectangular base to prevent collapse.

We recommend not using Superglue as this can react with the Acrylic.

Size 1 Geode (5cm Diameter)

SKU: MoM001
  • Returns will only be accepted in the case whereby products arrive in a faulty condition. Please email

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