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6 x Blown Grade C South African Ostrich Egg with single small hole in the blunt end.

These Ostrich eggs are Grade C blown ostrich eggs.

They do have small natural blemishes and marks but no man made ones.

They will have a small number of natural lines on the shell surface

They may have some naturally stained pore holes, more than a Grade B egg

They can have a solid shell area / areas without natural pores

They may have extreme pores

There are no cracks in these eggs.

They have an even looking shell

They may have some natural skin on shell.

They have a good shape

They have a good thickness of shell, they may have minor shell thickened area

They have a small, single hole in one end of the egg only.

These are natural products so sizes can vary

Length - 145 - 160mm

Width 120 - 135mm

They have a single hole. The diameter of this is up to 25mm

There are no cracks in the shell of these eggs and they are carefully packaged for sending in the post.

From EC approved ostrich farms.

Makes an unusual gift.

Set of 6: Grade C Blown Ostrich Eggs

SKU: OA004
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