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Unique Natural Crystal Geode with Eco Acrylic Oval Stand

Crystal / Geode - Natural Size 2

These are all one off originals

These Geodes have been collected by a local Moroccan man named Mohammed

He collects them from the Sahara desert and the Atlas mountains.

This is the natural colour and have not been artistically enhanced.

The crystals within are quartz crystals which have developed within the Geode over millions of years.

Quartz crystals have six sides and can vary in colour depending upon the purity of the minerals.

This is a complete unit, as seen

These Geodes measure approximately 5 - 7cms in diameter.

They are all natural products so size and colour may vary from the pictures displayed.

It has one single split - 2 parts only that join up as a lava rock

1 x Oval Acrylic stand is included with the Geode.

Natural Crystal Geode with oval stand size 2

SKU: MoM012
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