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Quartz Geode Crystal - Genuine Natural Quartz Crystals Number 8b
This is a one off original

The internal crystals are pure Quartz crystals.

The Volcanic Lava complete Geode from North African Sahara Desert.

This is a complete unit, as seen

This Geode measures approximately 9.5cm x 8cm x 5cm and weighs - 0.420kg

It has one single split - 2 parts only that join up as a lava rock

The crystals grow towards the centre of the geode.

They are thought to be hundreds of millions years old, as evidence of the evolution of the Earth

1 x Rectangular Geode Stand Engraved Special Edition Unique Design is included

This stand has been specially designed to enhance your Atlas Mountain Geode.

The engravings show the Atlas Mountains, plus Moroccan Geode written in English as well as in Berber (the language spoken by the local people.

It is made from transparent acrylic and very unique.

As these are unique, sales are restricted therefore please do not enquire regarding bulk buying.

This stand is UK designed and manufactured.

This sale is for the above Geode and 1 x rectangular base + 4 x legs

The 4 legs will require spot gluing to the rectangular base to prevent collapse.

We recommend not using Superglue as this can react with the Acrylic.

Crystal Geode 8b + Rectangular Engraved Atlas Mountain Stand

SKU: MoM013
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