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Crystal / Geode - Natural colour with Eco Acrylic Rectangular stand Size 5c No 1

This is a one off original. It is of the natural colour. This is a large Geode and weighs over 1kg.

This Geode has been found in the Sahara desert and the Atlas mountains.

The crystals within are quartz crystals which have developed within the Geode over millions of years.

Quartz crystals have six sides and can vary in colour depending upon the purity of the minerals.

Amethyst is a member of the quartz family . It can range in colour from light pink to deep purple, sometimes with a red or blue hue.

Calcite is a common constituent of limestone, a sedimentary rock , and therefore a common mineral found in geodes. Calcite crystals have three sides and range in colour from clear to shades of red and orange.

The Volcanic Lava complete Geode from North Africa

This is a complete unit, as seen in the pictures. 2 x halves connecting to form 1 x Geode

It has one single split - 2 parts only that join up as a lava rock

1 x Rectangular Acrylic stand is included with the Geode.

Crystal Geode (5c no1) Natural Colour Special Price + Rectangular Engraved Atlas

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