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Originally from Aix en Provence, I arrived in London in 1988 to learn English and went on years later to do a degree in design and architecture. Two years after graduating, I decided to become exclusively an artist, following the steps of my father and established French Sculptor-painter: Yann Martin. My work mostly goes by the colours and the flavours of Africa and the East. Trying to coerce the richness and the myth of these continents for me it is almost like travelling there and a homage to their culture. Creating abstract worlds and going for the essential is what I like to achieve with each work. I am interested in textures, volume, recycled objects and how these materials can meet aesthetically on different supports. In the past few years, I have been working with sand, mixing it with all sorts of pigments to make it look like leather, the work has an organic feel, almost as if the painting has grown by itself on the canvas with a instinctive quality to it. I work also with timber which is more structured and can be carved and treated with vanishes, oils, pigments adding a sense of history and warmth to the piece.