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Sean Caulfield was born in England in 1969 and immigrated to South Africa with his parents at the age of two. He showed a keen interest in art from an early age and excelled at high school where he painted landscapes, seascapes, portraits and abstracts in oils and acrylics. Upon matriculating at sea point high he received an award for excellence in art. His talent and passion for being creative was recognised and encouraged by the late Christian Prosser, a well known South African artist, who later became his mentor.

Whilst Working for Duncan Temple-Forbes, his Godfather, during his school holidays and weekends, he learnt how to make rock water features. He compresses actual rock granules into resin in a mould taken direct from living rock canvases for his unique works of art.

With his technique he has developed over the years, he is able to capture the delicate shapes, textures and colours of original San rock art using oxides and solvents to replicate the faded rustic appearance of their ancient art form. He is passionate about his work and hopes to preserve the Sans Cultural history through his paintings. Thus has made an extensive study of Bushmen paintings in their natural state through literature and has met and interacted with the Bushmen people themselves on numerous occasions. This immersion in culture as well as the art has given Sean the confidence and inspiration to faithfully reproduce many of the original bushman paintings in addition to his own stylised works in this medium.

In Seanís art on rock canvas he also draws inspiration from Africa and its diversity, painting semi abstracts sometimes mystical wildlife scenes and does portraiture of the African tribal people fused with Africa and its art, leaving the rock backdrop to give it that African feel. Sean has undertaken numerous commissions, including a portrait of "NELSON MANDELA" which was presented to the president in 1997 to commemorate the Freedom of the city Cape Town.

Sean has exhibited his art extensively in South Africa since 1990, and internationally in the USA Australia, Switzerland, Germany and United Kingdom.