FAQ: delivery

Q, Can you deliver anywhere?

A, So far we have not found a place that cannot be delivered too, we deliver door to door around the world.
Q, How can I pay?

A, You can pay by Credit Card just call us to make payment.
Q, How long does it take for a delivery?

A, depending on location to location, most Art work can be delivered to your door within 7 days
Q, I would like to see the Art before I decide to buy.

A, If there is something that has caught your eye and you would like to have a better look we can where possible arrange for a viewing of the Art piece, we also are involved with many exhibitions through out the year where you can come along and see our latest available Art up close.
Q, I'm looking for something not on your web-site?

A, We can help you find that piece your looking for, use the contact page to let us know what you are looking for, and we will do our best to help you.
Q, What is the cost of delivery ?

A, This will depend on distance and weight please call us for an upto date quote.
Q, will the delivery be insured?

A, Yes all art work transported through our company is insured.